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Friday, June 17, 2005

Yahoo searches Deep Web

This would be a major in the search engine wars. What is currently available online is estimated to be not more than about 10-20% of the real content. The rest of the web lies be the so-called Deep Web, sites, protected by passwords or those requiring subscriptions.

Yahoo now launched a beta of Yahoo Search Subscriptions - it will currently be launched only in the US and the UK. The caveat? Users still need to have access rights. This means, you still need to subscribe to the site - well, otherwise, companies like Lexis-Nexis would go out of business. The biggest advantage thus would be that you have one website to start with - Yahoo. And that you don't need to go to each site in order to log in to your subscription. Nevertheless, those without subscriptions are still stuck outside the Deep Web.

(By Asia Business Consulting)