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Friday, June 17, 2005

Preferring online news

More and more people prefer to read the news online. A study by Internet audience measurement company Nielsen/NetRatings "found that 21 percent of those Web users now primarily use online versions of newspapers, while 72 percent still read print editions."

This relates to US users, but what happened there can happen in Asia (or the rest of the world) as well. The authors relate this finding to the declining general trend for offline newspapers. U.S. newspaper circulation has been falling as audiences increasingly turn to the Internet for news--both on newspaper-run sites and through companies such as Yahoo and Google, which display news gathered from various sources.

Okay - I see the same trend as well. However, the methodology of the study has not been made clear in the article. It would have been nice to know the composition of the response group. If they consist of Internet users only and they were asked via the web, a certain bias cannot be denied. Nevertheless, I still stand to the point that there is a correlation between declining traditional media and the growth of online media.

It needs to be taken into account for in Asia as well. An article in the Malaysian New Straits Times today about blogging states that traditional media does not see a conflict between the emergence of blogs and traditional journalism. However, blogs provide more insight from a variety of different sources vis-a-vis the fact that there is only a limited number of newspapers available - at least in Malaysia. The prevalence of blogs and other online media allows the Internet users to develop an own opinion of sort.

So clearly, traditional media needs to find new business models, something, that this blogger asked for a couple of times already. Otherwise, if they are too late, well, history opens a new chapter for them, or closes the books. Online ads are growing already - so may be this is another sign on the wall for the media, if nothing else?

(By Asia Business Consulting)