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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Work the treadmill while working your computer

We all know how it is - we are sitting at the office desk and just pounce the keyboard. Hour after hour, day after day. Not very healthy, indeed.

Suddeny, we decide to join the gym, but how long will the will last? We work longer again, and the will to actually work out, well, it simply vanishes. Sounds familiar?

So why not marrying the two activities? Work-out while you work? Can't see how this works? Researchers have now tricked up a walking machine to support a keyboard and a computer screen. team has redesigned the desk to be used standing, as a regular chair, or with a treadmill or exercise bike. "All keyboarding, phoning and thinking are done in motion, and meetings are held either on a walking track or hitting a ball against a wall with hockey sticks."

Can you foresee how this works? How the dynamics in a meeting will go? May be the one who is fittest and has the stronges stamina will prevail. What do you think?

(By Asia Business Consulting)