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Friday, June 24, 2005

Heavy news in Japan: Nuclear plants material leaked leaked on Internet

That seriously is heavy news. Japan, already besettled with challenges in their ambitions to develop nuclear energy, after a couple of radioactive fallouts over the last couple of years, is now again in the spotlight after confidential material leaked on the Internet.

The information leaked contained data on several nuclear plants appeared online, including photographs of their interiors, details of regular inspections and repair work and names of workers, thus material that can be easily misused. In total 44 megabytes of data containing information collected over the past several years was leaked.

The data leaked from a computer used by a contractor - a personal, not a corporate computer - imagine, imagine - and this computer was virus infected - nothing unusual here. The data is thought to have been leaked via the peer-to-peer file-sharing software called Winny.

This ones again shows that nuclear power stations might (or might not) be safe, but that it is the human factor that tends to fail and threaten the safety. Considering that this is happening in tech-savvy Japan doesn't help to erase my concerns.

(By Asia Business Consulting)