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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Fight over control of Internet in China

Those who read this blog regularly know that there are increasing attempts of the Chinese government to control the Internet. They hire more thousands more web police in addition to their existing 50,000 agents . To be cynical, it must be one of the fastest growing job segments in the country.

China also tries to get a grip on the many thousand bloggers that have established their own footsteps in the country, even so not always in the ways hoped for.

Chinese hackers now fight back. They have now have defaced the website of a police-run security company leading a new effort to strengthen government control over the Internet. The attack against the website of Beijing General Security Service came amid its drive to recruit a corps of mentioned 4,000 'Internet security guards' to monitor the online activities of people in Beijing.

It shows that it is difficult to control the Internet, even in countries that try hardest. Imagination is unstoppable in the face of resistance, isn't it?

What will be the next move of the government?

(By Asia Business Consulting)