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Friday, June 24, 2005

Software piracy not seen as that bad

A study in the UK found out that, while consumers are aware of the scale of the problem (is it one) and the cost (really?), they don't really care about it and download the material from the web, mainly because it is free.

The music industry as usual, is upset, and says that current campaigns need to continue on the scale that campaigns against drink-driving and smoking have been conducted and ultimately succeeded.

I think that there is something deeper behind the behaviour of people that just isn't recognised. But before I continue, I want to still highlight the point as done so often in my blog, that the music industry digs its own grave - they still simply don't realise that their traditional business model is dead, gone, and over and new models emerged successfully.

In addition to this - there was the value change in societies, something that I came to realise only recently, really. We, and I include me, have grown up in a time that values price discounts, shopping and free downloads.

So it doesn't matter, if Microsoft launches Avalanche 1, 2 or 3, o if the music industry tries to bog down downloaders- if there is no change in the music industry's "behaviour", it won't simply happen.

(By Asia Business Consulting)