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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

11-year-old sells 500,000 household items in auction

It is amazing what kind of stories the media comes up with. This one reports about an 11-year od kid who sold all of his parents household belongings - a total of 500,000 items, as mentioned in the article.

Their stuff, worth US$60,000, was sold for US$242 in an Internet auction - the money then was spend in an Internet bar over the next 2 weeks.

And it is here, where the story begins to become questionable. They are writing that he sold the household goods over a period of 2 weeks. Hello? Where were the parents? In holiday? Too busy making money? Just not seeing what is happening? Not likely, considering the mum is seen in the rooms (see the pictures in the story).

Lets just say, it is one of those stories .... - but then, we already had imaginative kid who staged their own kidnapping to get a mobile phone. Pick your choice.

(By Asia Business Consulting)