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Monday, July 18, 2005

Really? Women know something about mobile phones?

This could be one of the most "amazing" (pun intended) mobile phone studies around. I wonder if there was any money that exchange hands, because, well, the conclusions are so simple that you wonder if it wasn't better to just think smartly, observe and come to the same conclusions.

The main conclusion is that women are savvy users of mobile phones. And no, they don't like pink phones (I wonder who thought this one out!) - "The report seems almost disappointed that the ladies weren't lining up to register their approval of pretty pink phones with sparkly bits on, with half of all respondents stating that mobile phone accessories are unnecessary 'fashion gimmicks.'"

In fact, women were even able to buy their own mobile phones, without asking the stronger sex.

"One-third of women trust their own judgment when buying a phone, with the rest asking their husband, boyfriend, or a sales assistant."

In fact, they are really good at their phone: "Women are confident mobile phone users with a "sound knowledge and overview of mobile communications when buying mobile phones, using handsets and services and in many daily mobile communication applications."

And, believe it or not, they are really like other humans: "Women - just like the other half of the human race - are price conscious, with the operator's tariff being ranked as the most important criteria (71 percent) for purchase, followed by the handset price (66 percent)"

Vodafone commissioned the study in Europe and well, at least they do know now as well that women are smart!!

(By Asia Business Consulting)