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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Sleepless nights and Internet addiction

It appears that internet addiction is a recent hot topic, with the number or articles and studies trying to confirm something that is actually manageable - if you are aware of your patterns.

May be some are aware of their patters, since Internet addiction is said to be on the decline in Korea. "12.6 percent of the respondents (in a survey on Internet addiction) said they were addicted to the Internet, down from 14.7 percent surveyed last year even without special treatment.

Sad thing is that they increasingly suffer from sleepless nights. Why? It is indirectly indicated in the article which says that "a majority of them go online regularly for long hours at night," probably swapping their family ties with online friends.

Of course - once surfing, its hard to fall asleep, until you find the last page of the Internet.

(By Asia Business Consulting)