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Friday, July 15, 2005

Podcasting - Just because it is rocking...

Podcasting is the newest wave in the Internet. "Podcasts are recorded audio files, distributed via Internet download. They can be stored on computers or digital music players and played back whenever the listener chooses. Like bloggers, podcasters can sound off on whatever they please - from politics and religion to gladiolas and glass-blowing."

Frequently, it is free, and it often involves someone speaking to the audiences, or small captures of a life in a household. Anything is possible but the key word is free.

The media industry is looking at it and is jealous. They have missed so many boats in recent years and this time, after the downloading craze, and the blogging phenomen, they want to get it right.

What is right for them is to make money on something that is growing rapidly. "If anyone is positioned to win big on podcasting, it's Apple, which added an iPod directory that features more than 3,000 podcasts to the company's iTunes music-download site on June 28. Apple said more than a million podcasts were downloaded in the first two days the service was active. "

There are however questions regarding the inclusion of music as the recording industry, of course, don't want to repeat "earlier mistakes".

It is an interesting development, actually also indicating that the business model of traditional radio stations are under threat, that users want to connect with each other, and that the Long Tail involved yet another industry with may be new players emerging.

It is of course, also possible that too many companies try to get involved and then, we end up with another 1999 bubble as a possibility.

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