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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Harry Potter - I haven't learnt much about the Internet

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is one best selling book. The stories about Joanna "JK" Rowling' darling is fascinating to many of us. The publishing of the book last week was the culmination of very secret process, all in order to avoid that pirates would take the book and well, rib off some revenues from the legal sale through the bookshops. That is also the reason why there is no e-book of the bestseller

But this means that the publishers and JK Rowlings haven't learnt much about the workings of the Internet. There is a market for anything on the Internet - so their argument that e-books are not commonly used is at best very weak.

Now, of course, the cat is out of the sack, or better, the book is available. As stated:

"In a joint-effort the pirates are now meeting in dedicated IRC channels with imaginative names such as #pottermania or #potterwork to spread the work of scanning and proofreading."

"Less than 24h after the book hit the shelves, it had been scanned in, run through optical character recognition software, proofread and posted."

Well, that is how the music industry got into problems, and this is where Harry's publishers could have learnt something from.

(By Asia Business Consulting)