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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Spam keeps growing, and users still fall for it

It is really impossible. What is it about those people that still fall for spam and buy the stuff advertised? The subject lines of spam are spelled wrongly, a multitude of spammers advertise the same product, there are warnings about spam from consumer protection groups and tech sides, spammers are sent to prison, and still - those spammed still buy, giving spammers a great life (as long as it lasts!)!!

"11 percent of computer users have bought something touted by spam, and 9 percent have been ripped off by spam scams."

How can this be the case? Can it be that 11% of the population just doesn't get it - I mean, even China is committing itself to fight against spam (pun intended)? Do they deserve to be ripped off? (Not really). I really would like to know if there is anyone out there who knows of someone who successfully bought from such companies - if one can call them companies.

(By Asia Business Consulting)