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Friday, July 29, 2005

Working, working, even during holidays

Sure this is the case. Employees, especially in the tech sector or those responsible for IT in their companies are worried about taking leave. Why? Because technology development races ahead. They are worried about overflowing in-boxes, when they come back.

"Even when they are on holiday, many staff will work and more than one-third fail to take their full holiday entitlement."

"In the IT sector, managers are fearful about the impact of their absence and 43 per cent will contact their organisation during a holiday because of work overload. A majority - 70 per cent - will also respond to requests from their employer, whilst on holiday."

"Even when these workaholics do make it on holiday, IT managers find it difficult to relax. Almost half regularly check their work emails and 61 per cent monitor voicemail. In an effort to keep in touch with colleagues 61 per cent take away their work mobile phones, 39 per cent take their laptops and 13 per cent regularly visit internet cafes."

Some more data:

"Deadline drama: 29 per cent claimed that the need to meet short-term project deadlines means they have had to work at some point during their holiday. Six per cent added that they lacked confidence in their colleagues' ability to manage during their absence.

Client care: 24 per cent suggested that meeting customer needs override everything else and that letting clients down is never an option. Almost one-fifth (18 per cent) also said they found it hard to 'let go'.

Backlog blues: 23 per cent worry about the amount of work they will face on their return. 57 per cent expect to find 200 plus emails waiting for them and one in three managers admit to dreading returning to a backlog"

So why do employers complain that their employees goof off during work? Wouldn't it be better to take care of their employees?

(By Asia Business Consulting)