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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

File sharing - new weapons being tested

It was clear that after the trial verdict against file sharers, new ways would be explored to allow file sharing to become more private.

More private here means - anonymous, of course and the search is on.

"Internet rebels have begun preliminary testing of a new weapon that threatens to scuttle efforts to stop illicit online music swapping. Internet privacy activists at Freenet Project posted word on their website that they were looking for other users to test a refined version of "darknet" software designed to keep file swappers anonymous. The new software is being heralded as "scalable," which means it would enable large numbers of computer users to freely share files online without revealing their identities."

This is a logical step. It happened with Napster before - when Napster was declared illegal a couple of years ago, Kazaa and others popped up - multiplying the application and the number of users. Now, the industry won another case, and I can foresee the actual result of it.

(By Asia Business Consulting)