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Monday, August 01, 2005

What I hate at webpages

There is one more study blowing the trumpet. TNS inquired with web surfers what they hate most at webpages, and, surprise, surprise, not much has changed, if anything.

Pop-ups, the requirement to register before "revealing the content", slow-loading pages (may be overloaded with ads, and graphics), and pages, that require you to install software before continuation (even so some like it).

At least I am not alone with my criticism, since consumers also state that they don't visit a website again, that annoyed them in the first place.

These are clear messages - for the user. Why is it often so difficult for the advertising industry and those that hire them to see that there is nothing worse than annoying a consumer? Consumers adjust, have to adjust, but companies wonder, why they don't get business.

(By Asia Business Consulting)