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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

News Corp wants Skype - and what is their intention?

Skype is on the roll. Not in terms of revenues - those are minimal, but do we need those when we are heavily blowing up the bubble balloon?

Last week, I wrote that Google might be interested in Skype. However, this was, may be, thinking into the wrong direction, but it transpires now that Rupert Murdoch of Media giant News Corp made a US$3 billion acquisition bid - although talks reportedly broke down.

Nevertheless, this is high for a company with not much of a revenue flow - although News Corp can probably afford it. But it is clear that something is brewing since Rupert Murdoch recently embraced the internet in a big wave. He recently bought Intermix for their preferred MySpace Networking site and Scouts Media, for their 200 sports websites.

Can't say, he is not interested in the Web. Is this about expanding his media empire?

(By Asia Business Consulting)