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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Mobile phones that change their behaviour

Now this is one interesting piece. SmartMobs writes that SonyEricsson is coming out with mobile phones that change their behaviour according to certain environmental conditions.

"Sony Ericsson’s latest idea is to sell phones which automatically change the way they behave, depending on the time,date and place.For example,the wallpaper display on the screen shows pumpkins when the phone’s calendar sees the date is Halloween, and Christmas puddings on December 25th. Network roaming,or GPS,can tell a phone what country it is in,so the ring-tone might change to a reggae tune as the plane touches down in Jamaica,for example.A restaurant could use short-range Bluetooth signals to deliver the specials menu direct to the phone's screen, and a cinema or church could use Bluetooth to switch it to silent mode.Stockbrokers could enable an option to display the latest share prices every 10 minutes and golfers could use continually updated weather forecasts for wallpaper"."

As such, it looks pretty flexible - and with growing capabilities it might adjust even more - clearly, we don't know too much yet about upcoming trends. It still is more an experimenting to see what works and this is fine, as long as the industry tries to understand the consumer - what seems to be difficult for the industry at times. What about a mobile phone that turns pink, when the owner is interviewed by a research agency? Or one, that starts to make funny noises aside of babies?

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