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Thursday, September 22, 2005

All we are saying is give us better batteries

This is interesting. According to a new study, mobile phone users and those operating with a converged device (PDA Phone, for example) want to have longer lasting batteries that allow the user to use the many applications available.

2 days of lasting batteries - that is all that mobile users want. "Over 75 percent of mobile phone and PDA users in the United States rate 'two-days of battery life during active use' as the most important feature of an ideal converged device of the future." Complimenting this are other features: "the next most important features to U.S. users were high resolution camera and video camera (50 percent of respondents), the availability of full versions of Microsoft Office applications on the device (42 percent), and a device with 20 Gigabytes of memory (41 percent)."

Especially the 41 GB is amazing because it indicates the interest of users to do so much more with their mobile phone. Music playing, movies and so on - basically more content, right? May be they get used to the small screen, but once again, handset makers are behind the market in meeting consumer's needs - because: isn't a great battery one of the basic ingredients that a company needs to have to enter the mobile phone market?

(By Asia Business Consulting)