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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Is there a market for mobile content?

It is always a game of opinion. Just when studies indicated that users only want to have simple services, other studies come out to state that there is a market for content. "Consumer demand for mobile downloads is set to triple in the next 12 months", is proudly announced by LogicaCMG, a market research firm. "Ring tones, games and music are the three most popular downloads in the global content marketplace, a trend set to continue with news and sports also gaining a keen audience in Europe.

The market for downloading video and movie clips also showed promise, with more than 10 per cent of mobile phone users worldwide expecting to download such content within 12 months. This number rises to 25 per cent in Asia Pacific, with one in ten also expecting to be downloading full feature films to their mobiles by this time next year."

The study also seems to indicate that users need more education about the ability of their handsets to accept content, and this is clearly a major handicap. The question would be: How can I grow a business, if my consumers or users don't know about the way to go about it? This then is also the challenge to the study, because this finding shows market limitations. But let's be clear about it - the market is growing, by heaps and leaps. It is just a matter of reaching the tipping point, because the future points to conversion.

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