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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Governments say Google Earth poses security risks

Google's favourite new feature, Google Earth, is in hot soup as more and more governments across the globe slam the service as a tool useful for terrorists planning attacks.

Thailand, Korea, Holland, and Australia are some of the criticising countries and are of the opinion that tourist attractions are sufficient to serve the purpose of information. But while the intention of the government is positive, it doesn't make sense to slam Google.

Authorities would have to shut down access to the other commercial suppliers of rival mapping programs while they're at it - space exploration stations and others, just to mention one. And having the access to Google Earth really doesn't determine the decision of terrorists to plan or target their objects. They look for a target first and Google Earth might be one tool they use along the way. It is probably not the other way round, that terrorists first check Google Earth and decide on their information available where to stake an attack. As bad as it sounds, that is probably not the way terrorists work.

(By Asia Business Consulting)