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Thursday, September 01, 2005

China threatened by nude Web chats

Is that really the case? Is the health and morality of a country threatened just because their citizens talk online with no clothes on?

"80 per cent of the people involved were single men aged between 25 and 35 who had more than just time on their hands. They lacked steady jobs and therefore were the types who would do that sort of thing."

So here we have the classification. Does this mean, if you have no time, you leave your clothes on? Or once you are above the relevant age group? Didn't the Chinese authorities just called for energy saving? May be the people took off their clothes because it got too hot in their rooms (for whatever reason?). Well, after television session, where viewers talked somewhat freely about their sexual behaviour, I don't think that it is a problem to talk naked on the web. What do you think?

(By Asia Business Consulting)