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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Smoking and the mobile phones

It is said that mobile phones cause a lot of things nowadays, but that they assist in reducing smoking amongst teens must be a new one. It has now been correlated, over in Japan.

Clearly, teenagers in Japan use their mobile phones very differently than those teenagers in other countries, so a generalisation is not necessarily possible. However, authorities say that there is a high chance phone bills are weighing on the money they spend on cigarettes. So this means that they, the teens, are so active on the phone with all the offered services that cost the teenagers the pocket money. Subsequently, they reduce smoking. Makes sense - it is about choice, and is in line with the recent thinking that mobile phones compete against the fashion industry as well.

It could easily be said that there might be group pressure to reduce smoking as well, however, Japan is a country, where smoking is still pretty much prevelant, even so the cigarette industry fights back, providing free cigarettes to lunchtime diners and parking luxurious Airstream buses, decked out like living rooms, outside buildings were smokers congregate.

So, may be there is a relation between a declining smoking incidence and the usage of mobile phones.

(By Asia Business Consulting)