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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Ringtones are patented

I am not sure how fond you are of ringtones, and if it is a great money generator for companies, or brings happiness to users and those that are exposed to your taste of music.

I am also not that fond of patents - there are too many patents that just don't make sense - and this is one.

A guy now "claimed in his lawsuit that he was the onwer of a registered patent in Israel, the United States, and Europe for recording and storing new tunes on cellular devices, and then playing them as ringtones."

So now, Siemens has paid one person an undisclosed amount of money to settle the lawsuit against them (must be from historical events, because, remember, their handset division was sold to BenQ).

So I guess that this patent is worth its money for that guy, but its overall worth is doubtful.

(By Asia Business Consulting)