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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Aging China

Asia is not that young anymore. And the shadow of an aging population looms large. Japan, having the oldest population average, is one example of a country that struggles to re-do its economic power, and one cause of the problem can be traced back to aging population. Many times, the Japanese have been advised to restructure their economy, and to open their markets but when population ages and the population base ultimately shrinks, demand in an economy faces challenges.

China is another country that needs to face up to this. "More than seven percent of China's total population age 65 or above". It is said that any country with an age-group 65+ share of 6% to the total is considered aging. So here we stand - a roaring economy, where a major part of the economy is challenged. But then, there are new opportunities in an aging society as well.

(By Asia Business Consulting)