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Monday, October 10, 2005

A finger as a mobile phone

Impressive - on the currently running consumer electronics show Ceatec DoCoMo of Japan showed the fruits of some of its research into mobiles with its Ubi-Wa, a ring that turns your finger into a phone receiver.

Ubi-Wa has two meanings in Japanese - "Finger ring" and "Speak by finger" - which is exactly what it lets you do.

In noisy places where you cannot hear who you are calling, you simply place the Ubi-Wa bearing finger in the ear. The ring converts speech sounds to vibrations. These travel down the bone and into the ear canal, which obligingly turns them back into intelligible speech."

So, in case you soon see someone who is running around digging the ear, don't be disgusted. It might just be that the person is using the finger as a mobile phone.

(By Asia Business Consulting)