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Friday, May 26, 2006

Another future of the mobile phones

Every now and then, I get these articles that describe the future of the mobile phone and related futures and I have to admit, it always is an interesting reading. Especially for someone so engage in the tech development as I am, it is crucial to know about future tech developments and its impact on Asia and the business environment, or the way it changes people's lifestyle.

Anyway, with the ongoing global growth in the mobile phone business and its convergence with more and more sectors, it is now interesting to see how someone tries to foresee the Australian future in the mobile sector.

So here it goes:

"Voice will remain the "killer application" on the phone but, increasingly, the handset will provide a multitude of internet-based services, most of which have not yet come on to the market.

The mobile phone will become your ticket on the train and tram, it will pay for your breakfast muffin and coffee and, according to Visa and MasterCard, it could even take over the functions of your credit card.

You can already buy tickets over the phone, but we will see the phone becoming a payment method itself, according to Vodafone's Victorian general manager Edward Goff. The phone will hold the credit so the Visas and the MasterCards will be doing deals to make the payment method fully integrated with the phone.

Anything available on the internet will be available on phones, plus pure content - downloadable music, videos and so on. Whatever you can imagine having access to will come to the phone."

Will Australians than become digital zombies?

(By Asia Business Consulting)