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Monday, June 26, 2006

Usage of mobile phones during thunderstorms

Rain, rain go away. This old children song might become mobile phone users' new favourite if it is really true that the usage of mobile phones during thunderstorms is dangerous.

In the UK three doctors describe one girl who was witnessed being struck by lightening in a London park while talking on her mobile phone. Apparently, there were three other cases - worldwide.

Okay - a couple of issues. Is this really something worthwhile talking about? Three cases, worldwide seems like a lot.

Next - in my time (oops), we were taught to stay away from fields and parks during thunderstorms because if you are the highest point around, you attract lightning. This girl now walks in a park - sure a danger, according to my education.

But this has nothing to do with mobile phones or only in so far that she was using her phone when she was hit. So as sad as it is, it is an educational issue, once more!

May be the phone attracted the lightning, may be not. But I wonder how many other people were using their mobile phones in London the same time around?

(By Asia Business Consulting)