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Monday, August 14, 2006

Microsoft starts to involve customers in developing products

A lot of companies talk about customer satisfaction, engaging the customer, and creating customer experiences. Most companies have something in their vision statements that involves customers and states that they value the customer.

Not many really live the experience, and may be it is also becoming more difficult to satisfy a customer. There are the shareholders that command a constant shareprice increase and customers who scream at the slightest mishap happening to them, and the employees who want to stay enaged and trained up.

Not easy.

Well, some companies manage the customer experience already, such as the producers of Lord of the rings, for example, that involved online user groups.

Microsoft is now on that train as well.

"The cost of recording and producing music and video has plummeted, giving amateur auteurs a chance at stardom. But at the same time, the expense involved in making video games has gone up: the development kits needed to create games for the consoles made by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo cost thousands of dollars, and those companies usually send the kits only to established producers. the company is expected to announce the fall release of a product called XNA Game Studio Express, a basic version of the company’s game authoring tools that will let aspiring designers write games on a PC and test them on an ordinary Xbox 360."

Benefit to Microsoft? Great ones - more loyalty, better games, understanding market trends, and beating the competition.

Worthwhile, isn't it?

(By Asia Business Consulting)