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Monday, July 17, 2006

Newspapers in the blogging world

The New Straits Times of Malaysia moves into blogging and invited so-called blogging celebrities into their world. It is always good to see when newspapers finally get it (while others don't and have to readjust their business) and attempt to change especially since many users nowadays prefer online news over offline news.

Citizen newspapers work, most of the time and they work well (does Agoravox do, still?). It seems to work for the New Straits Times, so far, since the website visitor stats are up and probably growing. The questions of course are as follows. What will happen when the writers start to write about things that is not necessarily according to the official line of the New Straits Times - will they be able to cope with that? Next - if you read the writers "original blog" and compare it with what has been published in the Monster Blog - where is the difference or differentiation besides greater exposure of the writers?

It is a new experiment, and it is good to experiment and risk something.