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Monday, July 31, 2006

Microsoft and its anti-iPod drive called Zune

So Microsoft is really doing it - planning to launch a competitor to the iPod, scheduled to arrive in the end of the year (this year, to make that sure!!).

It is a necessary move for the company, considering that they are embattled from all sides. Google, Apple, and Linux. Moreover, they are challenged in their own dreams to be or stay important in the entertainment world, that is currently dawning.

So they must do something, as the article points out correctly.

So what is it that is going to be launched?

"it's a competitor for iPod. If, instead, we turn to Robbie Bach – the one in charge with the project – it's some kind of Xbox for digital entertainment. Shortly put, it's a portable device which will be able to play music and videos, connect through a wireless network for Internet downloads and in which Microsoft has decided to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars."

I am interested - are you?

(By Asia Business Consulting)