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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Motorola's flagship store in China

Motorola looks at China, big wave. And clearly, it is a worthwhile view, considering the ongoing growth of the country. To underline their ambition, they "launched its first "Global Flagship Store" in a busy shopping area in downtown Shanghai, as a initiative to open Motorola branded stores in key markets."

This means there are more to come - and yes, Motorola plans four more for mainland China, with additional key locations throughout Asia and around the world to follow.

This is great initiative to bring the number 2 in mobile phones closer to the customer. In this sense, they are following Samsung, their main competitor, and Sony and of course Apple.

Now, comparing Motorola with those companies isn't fair, is it? These are real entertainment companies which are able to showcast a full range of consumer products, besides just a mobile phone. Motorola hasn't got much to show for - there is the slowly outdating RAZR and .... that's nearly it. RAZR was an icon, and reset the industry but since then, there hasn't been much that was convincing. And even the RAZR is criticised amongst users as very faulty. May be it would have been a worthwhile initiative to develop another great and fault-free product then or improve existing? Alternatively, Motorola can spend the money on places that need connection.

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