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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I am pregnant: Getting the news out with blogging

No, not me!!

In Australia, a family documented their pregnancy via their own blog. The blog is called "Pumpkin Diary".

The diary entries are addressed to his baby -- whom he calls Pumpkin -- and he hopes his son or daughter will read it. In the US, a trend in pregnancy blogs has meant hundreds of strangers have shared first-child fears to tips on breastfeeding.

One US blogger recorded her attempts to get pregnant with IVF last year. She realised her blog's reach when a nurse at the hospital recognised her after reading it.

Does this sound familiar in Malaysia? Well, here, we have the Loopy Meals, one of the best blogs in town. THEY should write a book about their experience during pregnancy with Jesse and the following events!

(By Asia Business Consulting)