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Friday, April 29, 2005

Children on the Internet

What is it with these studies that describe the dangers that the Internet poses? In Australia, one such study found that 25% "of all children surfing the internet have been contacted by a stranger. The report also found 38 per cent of parents said their child had experienced an issue of concern while using the internet at home. Of that figure, 16 per cent said their child had been exposed to pornography. Of the children surveyed, 23 per cent said they had been contacted or sent messages by people they did not know."

This is "fine" so far (however fine this can be). The last sentence of the article says that the most common way to approach children was via spam. Now I ask you: What happened to spam filters? Who could educate the children about the way to work or ignore spam if not the parents?

I mean - it is like: "Never Talk To Strangers" which can be translated to Never Open Mail from Strangers", right? Parents need to understand that the Internet has some pretty dangerous sides. What means that they shouldn't just put the children in front of a computer, but sit beside them to educate them about how to go about the Internet. What do you think?

(By Asia Business Consulting)