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Thursday, April 28, 2005

IPod challengers

IPod clearly had the time of its life. Apple clearly owned the market and the great success that came with the IPod shot the company to the top again - it was the brand of the year in 2004. There were even shortages in the market due to the demand.

Companies pile into the market if there is great growth in one segment. It is the need or urger to capitalise on the growth. That was one of the reasons, why Samsung launched an IPod rival earlier.

Yesterday already in my article about the future of mobile phones, value added services by mobile phone companies were seen as the holy grail to reverse the declining Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). The BlackBerry is one of such tools, and music is another one that fills companies with hope. Samsung offers a 2.5-Gbit MCP for 3G Phones mobile phone that could hold songs as well.

Nokia now enters the market as well. The company unveiled its new line of music and photo phones the "Nseries," including the N91, the N90 and the N70. With the announcement of the N91, potentially competing with Apple's iPod.

Rhapsody, an online music store also raised the competitive bar. It starts to offer a tiered music service that allows non-subscribers to listen to 25 songs monthly for free. In addition, it will automatically arrange songs for paying customers and put download music files onto selected portable audio players.

Well, let the games begin.

(By Asia Business Consulting)