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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

How often do you change your mobile phone?

With prices for mobile phones dropping across the globe, voice becoming a commodity, and telecommunication companies encrossed in mobile wars - more and consumer learn how to profit from declining prices.

"75 per cent of the consumers surveyed in India said they upgrade their mobile phones more frequently than any other device.

In the US and France, this figure stands at 47% and 38% respectively. China on the other hand was found to have a similar scenario with India, with 75 per cent of the respondents saying they upgrade their mobile phones frequently."

But, what does this actually mean? Well, for one, I believe that since mobile phones become cheaper or more affordable (even higher value models), they also become more personal. So people see them as a commodity to change according to their own lifestyle. Secondly, mobile phones also get more and more functions that other tech stuff owned before. Like - a mobile phone that competes against an IPod. Or the challenge to watchmakers, since nearly all mobile phones have watches - who would need one then? Get it?

(By Asia Business Consulting)