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Friday, April 15, 2005

India-China axis: what is the impact for the rest of the world?

Interesting article, following a recent theme in my blog as well. India and China, two powerhouses in Asia, are nearing each other. These are the strongest contesters in the race for global, well, not domination, but power.

The big Q is, what will happen, if the two countries un-do what is actually feasible? Undo their ties with the US? At least India could feel "betrayed" after the US started its closer relation with Pakistan after September 11?

What is happening when Asia, in general, doesn't park their capital in US Treasuries anymore?

What, if both countries keep growing and start to develop complimentary products, somewhat ignoring the rest of the world? Can do, since they have such huge potential consumer markets. What, if they start to integrate South East Asia into their economies. How is Japan, as the closest partner for the US fairing in this situation? They could get totally ignored in this, and the recent verbal conflict with China shows a new assertiveness of China. Japan is under pressure, because the country is so expensive, and sandwiched between those two countries offering cutting-edge technology at cheaper prices?

I am not even talking about Europe and the decline of that continent.

Will this be the theme of the New Asian Century? Chinese Premier Wen alread sees an 'Asian century' for IT industry!

What is your thinking around this?

(By Asia Business Consulting)