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Thursday, May 12, 2005

LG Electronics to focus on customer service

A company exists to serve customers. This statement was made by Peter Drucker, a long time ago. The challenge is what goes into serving a customer. Every company might see it differently, and every customer expects different service. The problem is that many companies still get it wrong, even after 20 years of a so-called "customer satisfaction movement."

Now let's hope that LG is getting it right as well. "LG Electronics said Wednesday the opening of a service center in Hong Kong meant there are now service centers in all the 40 countries where it does business. The company says it also plans to integrate its call centers in Europe and China. It will set up special service center for the third-generation mobile phones in North America, Europe, and Asia during the second half of the year and invite local technicians to Korea for training."

So far, this doesn't sound too right for me. Call centers and customer service is sometimes like to sides of the same coin. They don't understand each other, which frequently is the fault of the call center, their set up, and how they reward their employees. Examples of bad services exist all across the web. It would be a pity, if LG would fall into the same trap - a trap frequently seen as solution for fast growing companies like LG.

(By Asia Business Consulting)