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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Mobile Market Growth to Slow Down


"Every now and then, on a regular basis, companies in the high-tech research industry - speak IDC or similar, come up with findings stating that the global mobile industry is nearing saturation.

"Worldwide market growth of mobile phones is expected to continue in 2005, but at a slower pace. In 2004, worldwide mobile phone shipments saw their strongest year-to-year increase in history, rising 34% from 2003 to 2004 with 692 million units shipped in a massive expansion driven by the demand for color displays and camera phones throughout the world."

Sure - sooner or later, every market is saturated. But so what? It is the task of any company to "please the customer" (insert by ABC). This makes it exciting, and ever growing. This ranges from equipping babies with phones, enticing users to change their mobile phones more often, and so on.

Sure - growth will slow, to repeat, but stay innovative and you stay in the game!

(By Asia Business Consulting)