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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Baby talk and upcoming gadgets

How do you feel as a mother of a newborn? Isn't it nice to hold the baby in your arm, and listen to its baby talk? There are whole movies made around the issue of what a baby is trying to say and what not.

Well, help is on its way. Apparently, Japanese researchers are closing in on developing a gadget that would assist in translating baby babbling.

Kazuyuki Shinohara, a neurobiology professor at the state-run Nagasaki University who leads the research team says that they aim to read the baby's feelings.

Hm - think about the issue I wrote about last week. Soon we will have babies using mobile phones. So may be they can just call their parents at work, and via this gadget, can then convey their feeling. Mama, where is my milk!!

I still think that the real thing is part of the fun parents have with their babies.

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