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Friday, May 06, 2005

iPods, copyright and the Australian government

You can say what you want - at least they are thinking. "The rise of the iPod and digital video technology has forced the federal government to rethink copyright laws.

Under current laws it is illegal to copy a CD onto a digital music recorder such as an iPod or to videotape a television program. (...) Attorney-General Philip Ruddock yesterday released an issues paper to spark a debate on what changes should be made.

Mr Ruddock said the review would examine whether an exception or specific exceptions to copyright based on fair use should be adopted to make copyright law more flexible in the digital age."

Let me ask you to think back, way back - when you heard great music and wanted to share it with friends, your boy- or girlfriend. How did you do it? A long time back, we took cassettes, simply taped the songs and gave those to friends. We recorded music from the radio, from records, or CDs. There was no debate about music and copyright, and everybody knew that the music industry is thriving. What's the difference now? Australians, just like anybody else around the globe, just wants to share the music they listen to, may be with a wider audience, but then, it doesn't hurt the music industry and even spurs growth of individual records. So yes, change the laws, and take that ride ahead again.

(By Asia Business Consulting)