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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Phishing - getting better or worse?

Its been a while since I wrote about the growing threat of phishing. I thought there is no sense in constantly describing, how people get tricked into providing personal details and then lose everything or at least a lot (with some even their life).

Research has now shown that nearly half of internet users have received these 'phishing' e-mails - indicating a massive "campaign" by phishers. The growth has declined to the low digit value of 2% - which is great and let us hope, that the "market is saturated" and people have learnt. AOL research shows that just one per cent of those surveyed lost money - only half received compensation.

Clear is still, that phishers improved their techniques to get to those data. phishers are now employing newer technologies to attack susceptible PCs.

"Apparently phishers are now using phishing sites to secretly download criminal malware, "crimeware", onto consumer PCs to capture login and password credentials and other personal information."

So guys - take care of what you are doing online!

(By Asia Business Consulting)