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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Samsung and Microsoft together for Xbox

Do you think that this is significant? It could be. Samsung, the growing powerhouse of Korea, just announced that they reached an agreement with Microsoft to tie-up in the development of the next generation for the X-Box.

It is not quite clear if the X-Box strategy of Microsoft is working but by betting on Samsung's technology, they sure bet on a classy horse.

And through this move, both players might move to the forefront of future developments:

"Peter Weedfald, senior vice president, consumer electronics & North America corporate marketing, Samsung Electronics, said, "Gaming has become a primary force for innovation in the entertainment and technology industries. Samsung has selected Microsoft Xbox as the best next-generation game console and a key driver in the global HDTV revolution."

Samsung is still emerging in the electronics field and this gives them the power of recognition from one of the world's most powerful companies while Microsoft is an emerging player, trying to gain ground in the console market - and Samsung might just be the right partner. My opinion - what is yours?

(By Asia Business Consulting)