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Thursday, May 05, 2005

The relation between Internet savvy and car ownership

Is there a relation between car ownership and Internet savvy? I am not sure, and well, may be Indians are different. "A global online survey on car ownership and purchase intentions, conducted recently by ACNielsen, reveals that 60% Internet-savvy Indians owned a car, the highest among other Asian nations." - Actually, I would say that you can create statistical relationships between anything if you just want to - the question is only, if it makes sense, and is bullet-proofed.

But so much for the Indians. Other data in the article are also interesting, even so they relate to the car industry (not again!)

"Globally, price was the most frequently cited driver of choice, and therefore was a universal consideration for new car purchases. Other considerations like fuel consumption, performance and safety were a distant second and third, and varied across the three regions.

Malaysians (88%), Indonesians (82%) and Thais (81%) were the most price-conscious. Indians and Chinese seemed equally conscious of price (75%, 65%) as well as performance (65%, 67%). In the rest of Asia Pacific, Chinese (37%) were relatively less concerned while Koreans and Singaporeans were relatively more concerned (don't ask me with what - it hasn't been stated in the article, but probably means price).

Brand image/ prestige was an important dimension for only 23% of Indians."

There is nothing astonishing amongst those results. I would say that clearly, cars are expensive in those markets and that price would naturally one of the driving forces in the market, considering that the purchase is probably financed via credit and the overall price exceeds annual salaries by a large, large margin.

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