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Thursday, May 05, 2005

State in Australia rides ahead - bans snooping on employees

The discussion about employers that snoop on employees e-mail correspondence comes up again and again and this time, North South Wales or NSW in Australia has introduced something sensibly - it outlaws "unauthorised spying of employees using technologies including video cameras, email and tracking devices with the introduction of the Workplace Surveillance Bill 2005 to state parliament today."

"While some employers argue that this is necessary to protect their legitimate interests, employees expect that their private correspondence, like their private telephone calls or private conversations, should never be the subject of secret monitoring," NSW Attorney General Bob Debus said in a statement."

Good - finally a state that understands the right of privacy for employees. Employees are frequently asked to work beyond the usual requirements anyway, and there are strong indicators that trusting your employees secures higher revenue growth anyway. So why mistrust them in the first place?

(By Asia Business Consulting)