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Monday, May 16, 2005

Ring tones require etiquette

Mobile phones change culture and the way we communicate. For sure. But there are bad side effects as sad as it is. What am I talking about? Well, simply manners. How is it that some are still having the mobile phones on in the movies, or theaters, schools, business meeting or - imagine that - during an interview. How often do you see a young couple going out and then talk to their own friends while sitting opposite each other.

While a ringing phone can be fun in some situation it is simply annoying in others. Like: when you enjoy the movie and suddenly, sombody's mobile phone rings.

The mobile phone ringtone business is booming and many in the industry hope that it is the cashcow they are waiting for. I am not sure if all the groups and singers want to be compressed to a short jingle, but well, so be it. Anway, it is clear that those ringtones can be fun to some but awful to others. "Ring tones tend to reveal personal details about an individual's tastes" and I agree.

Another comment: "Chelsea Vivier, a 20-year-old from Toronto, knows having her phone bellow Youngbloodz's Damn! during a job interview wouldn't bode well with most future employers." So she is smart - she simply turns it off.

(By Asia Business Consulting)