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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Indian man sends 182,689 SMS messages in one month

We have people who participate in breaking the record in typing an SMS in the fastest way possible. This is nothing compared to this story, which is a bit on the crazy site of life. An Indian man went on record with the Guinness Book for having sent 182,689 SMS messages in a single month.

To break it down - this is 6,100 messages a day, 253 an hour, 4.2 a minute, or a new one every 14 seconds or so.

Will this cause a blip in the overall number of SMS send daily?

Anyway, is this a month worth living, or a month worst living? And I wonder to whom he send the mails? If he sent it to friends, will they still be friends with him after receiving ... how many SMS each?

(By Asia Business Consulting)