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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

China's Internet

Despite increasing controls of the Internet in China it continues to attract further users - the country now has over 100 million Internet users. Of those over 30.1 millionusers have broadband Internet services. These numbers are important.

This all happens in a time, when China's government increased its control over the Internet and continues to do so - a thorough write up of this and the participation of US firms in the whole situation is found here.

The growth momentum has been tremendous. "China's mobile telecommunications industry has seen rapid growth since 1988, when the country's first mobile telephone system was put into operation. At that time, China had only 3,000 mobile phone users. The number has increased 60 million each year over the past three years and has exceeded 358 million thus far." The question is - when will there be so many users with so many connections to the outside world that controls don't make sense anymore?

(By Asia Business Consulting)