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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Microsoft's Avalanche - so what?

Microsoft probably doesn't like copyright infringements, so everybody might ask for the reason behind the launch of Avalanche, their first attempt at file-sharing. Their tools is an improvement over BitTorrent, in that it breaks data into small, easily transferable packets to accelerate downloading, but includes details on all the other data in the file. Does make it better, right?

Will they now be the one sued by the music industry for the promotion of illegal activities?

No way - Microsoft's Avalanche is described as an alternative "that works well with users and copyright holders. The researchers noted that users will be unable to redistribute content without approval by the publisher."

So not too worry - they are staying inside the law. Will they sway those that freely distribute music over the Internet? I don't think so.

And why should it matter? Artists understand anyway that they can make a living on the web without the industry.

(By Asia Business Consulting)