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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Microsoft's bloggers - let 1000 spokespeople bloom

It sometimes takes time till Microsoft gets it, but when they are moving, they are moving - and then they can be quite amazing. Bill has been interviewed by BusinessWeek and was also asked about the many, many bloggers that they have on their payroll.

Here is what he says about blogging in Microsoft:

"overwhelmingly, blogging has been good. It does raise lots of issues. You used to have these spokespeople, and you could call them together in a room and say, "Make sure you don't give out the earnings before we're supposed to" and, "Don't tell everybody's salaries," or whatever it is that you wanted them to understand.

Well, now you have thousands of spokespeople, where speaking off the cuff is part of the whole charm of the thing. So you'll get into issues. But even just the blogging for internal use, where our people are seeing each other's blogs, has allowed groups to work together on a better basis."

Way to go, Bill!

(By Asia Business Consulting)