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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Hong Kong Bloggers

I had something about bloggers in Hong Kong recently. Hong Kong is somewhat special. The population shows a strong feeling of independence that has become stronger and stronger as the Chinese influence from Beijing has grown. Pictures of last year's impressive demonstrations are still fresh in mind.

May be it was just me, but it appears that bloggers in Hong Kong have been pretty silent in commenting about the protests and their feelings about the increasing influence of China. However, it appears to be changing, and the hope for Hong Kong becomes more vocal in the blogger sphere.

I wrote about Hong Kong bloggers and their hope recently, and now, there is another article in the newspapers today.

"There are more than 50 Hong Kong-based blogs that run the gamut from personal to political, that are adding voice to a growing grassroots democracy movement that may be virtual in presence but very real in the belief it represents: that Hong Kong people should work together to form a civil society." And they are busy: "Bloggers who analyze Hong Kong's political system keep track of thousands of articles printed in local and international media, as well as writings on hundreds of blogs, to assess and interpret the direction of Hong Kong, both politically and socially."

So may be there is the independent voice of Hong Kong that so many look for.

(By Asia Business Consulting)